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What Peaches is a safe harbor where ideas come to life. We are a marketing and communication agency that doesn’t do well with labels. Just between us, we prefer to think of ourselves as the fairy godmother of your company.

What Peaches was born from a long-standing dream of helping businesses grow. About 15 years ago, this was Andreia’s business idea: a company that would assist other companies, a blend of management and design. 15 years later, we know that everything is connected. Target audience, value proposition, strategy—they all need to be designed and created, preferably from the ground up, to build strong, coherent, and sustainable brands.

Our values

Fotografia da Andreia

Design  •  Copywriting  •  Estratégia

Who is Andreia?

She’s a dreamer. Easily gets excited. She loves to talk and loves to listen. She adores learning and adores winning.

She has that feeling of invincibility that those who know they don’t need to succeed on the first try possess, and more importantly, those who know they can do difficult things.

She also has a terrible characteristic that brings her a lot of inconveniences: she loves to grab the bull by the horns. I’m not sure if she loves it, to be honest, but she can’t resist her own limitations. It was this characteristic that led her to do an Erasmus in England even though she hated English, and it was this characteristic that led her to take care of things’ appearance when she spent an entire adolescence insecure

Fotografia do Daniel

Design gráfico  •  Fotografia •  Web design

Who is Daniel?

He’s shy, but if you give him confidence, you’ll gain a friend. He’s organized and feels more comfortable analyzing situations and potential consequences than acting on impulse. He’s competitive, and deep down, he’ll always want to be the best at everything he does, even if he doesn’t admit it or realize it initially.

He always tries to listen to others, understand different points of view, and learn more about the topics that interest him. He believes that with effort, he can accomplish any task, even if he has to ask for help from someone or something, like our friend Google.

Daniel is a recent graduate in Multimedia Design. He went to

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